Slangy Sabados: The Last Coca-Cola in the Desert

A prelude to our Un-Valentine's Day Event:

Ever ask someone out and they rudely spurned you? Or have a girlfriend that treated you like dirt, demanding all sorts of favors and giving nothing but insults in return? That's when you say to them:

"Tu no eres la última coca-cola en el desierto, mamacita."

Translation: "You're not the last coca-cola in the desert, sweetheart." 

It's like someone who thinks they're God's gift to humankind, but in fact they're just an a--hole. It's similar to our English phrase of there being more fish in the sea, only I prefer this phrase because it's taking the other person down a notch or two, and the imagery is more powerful. 

So if someone's sneers at you when you ask them on a date this Valentine's Day, Tell them "Tu no eres la última coca-cola en el desierto," and then join us to learn more useful street slang as you sip on the finest mezcals!