Slangy Sabados: Pinche

Hijo de tu pinche...!

If you have friends like us you'll have heard this word countless times. Pinche is the all-over filler word for swearing. Technically, it means the kitchen bitch or dishwasher - the guy that does whatever the chef doesn't want to do. This is how they still use it in Spain, but here in Mexico it functions as an enhancer to insults. In other words, they use it the same way we use the word "fucking". (I haven't determined if it's as bad a word as the f-word, but it's certainly used as often, and can be used lightly or extremely aggressively, depending on what words you pair it with).


Your friend is late picking you up. You call him: "Pinche wey! Que haces?" (This is mild swearing that's acceptable amongst good friends).

The guy on the corner starts hitting on you with vulgar language. You respond: "Pinche culero! Besas tu mamá con esa boca??" ("F---ing a--hole! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth??". This is aggressive swearing, but coming from the mouth of a foreigner will stop them short. And maybe make them laugh).

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