Slangy Sabados: The Mother of All Swear Words

** Warning: Explicit Language **

If there is one dirty word you need to know today it's the word "fuck". Whether you use it or not is up to you, but it's undoubtably the most versatile of words we have in English.

Even Osho says so:


Well, in Spanish it's no different.

Chingar means "to fuck". But it goes so far beyond literal meaning. Allow me to give you some common examples:

Eres chingon, mi amor: You're fucking awesome, my love.

Chingada madre!: Mother fucker

Chinga tu culo: Fuck your ass/Fuck you

No me chinges: Don't fuck me (ie, "leave me alone")

Que chingada es eso??: What the fuck is this??

Dejas esa chingadera: Put that fucking thing away

How many forms of chingar can you identify on the streets? Feel free to add others in the comments below!


Rachel GlueckComment