Slangy Sabados: How to Describe Your Post-GastroVino Monday

GastroVino Fest kicks off today with a blind taste test and the GastroTour. Tomorrow you'll find El Refugio, along with 15+ other restaurants and dozens of winmakers, in the Todos Santos plaza giving out tastes. (Info HERE) For those of you who don't live in Todos Santos, GastroVino is a fundraiser event put on every May that brings together Mexican winemakers and chefs, accompanied by live music and art. Generally, there's a whole lotta drinking involved. Which is why today's word will be particularly useful Monday morning. 

Crudo — hungover. 

"Estoy bien crudo, wey!" — "I'm so drunk dude!"

Crudo actually means "raw". Which is pretty much how I feel when I'm hungover.

As a side note, artisanal mezcal rarely makes you hungover when sipped straight and not mixed with other liquors (or wine). Which is just one of the many reasons it's my drink of choice!