The El Refugio Cookbook

We've been talking about it for a while, so this should come as no surprise, but regardless...

We're stoked to announce we have a publisher!!

But let's cut back to the beginning of this story...

In February, 2017—two months after opening—literary agent, Meg Thompson, came to our restaurant for dinner. She and her girlfriend were so dazzled by the food, the mezcal, and the accompanying stories of native culture, that she proposed on the spot.

You two should write a cookbook, she said.

Meh, I said.

No really, she said.

Ehhhh...I don't think a cookbook is really my thing, I said.

A cookbook with stories about mezcaleros and native Mexican culture, with your writing...I'd represent that book, she said.

Sold! I said. A story-telling, cultural cookbook was definitely something I could get excited about. And a literary agent ready to represent? What a dream!

18 months later we officially have a contract. (Turns out the publishing world moves rather slowly). 

Our cookbook, Native Mexico, will be published by Skyhorse Publishing.

Contract 1st page skyhorse.jpg

Our goal with this book is to share the culture, wisdom, and beauty of Native Mexicans, as they live today. Through stories, photos, and recipes, we intend to use food and mezcal as the medium to build a bridge across cultures. (Because, you know...walls never resolve anything).

Since mid—July we have traveled through Morelos, Estado de Mexico, Guerrero, Puebla, Oaxaca, and Hidalgo, collecting stories, sampling mezcals, and eating far more food than is good for us. Our photographer, Meg Patterson, joined us for a whirlwind two weeks to take as many photos as possible, from native dancers, to market stalls, to mountain slopes studded with agaves. For a sampling of our journey so far, visit our Instagram Page.

We're also picking up a WHOLE LOT of inspiration on this trip, which we're hoping to incorporate into our menu this coming season: criollo corn, handmade tortillas, pulque, chilate, rare chiles, and dishes that belong to an entirely higher level of existence. 

Keep in touch with our blog to learn more about the amazing cuisine and cultures of Mexico, and the progress of our book!

Tortillas de comal

Tortillas de comal

Native corn/maize criollo

Native corn/maize criollo

Tejate in Oaxaca

Tejate in Oaxaca