Native Mexico In Video + Cine Fest Todos Santos 2019

You know you’ve found your path when it calls you further and further along. Though I never expected myself to be running a restaurant in Mexico, I know we’re in the right place because there’s always more teasing us forward: more to cook, more to create, more ways to share, more ways to engage with our community and the world at large. So what’s next? Well…

We’re thinking to create a food and travel documentary series on Native Mexico. As with everything we do, the impetus is to share the wisdom and knowledge of native Mexicans, and create a bridge for communication and understanding through food and drink.

What would that look like? That’s what I want to know from you: What would YOU want to see?

Native festivals and ceremonies, traditional marketplaces and dishes, cooking techniques, cultural influences and processes explained. Maybe it would be ingredient focused, with each ingredient (think chile, corn, chocolate…) the theme of each episode. Maybe it would be place–based. Should it be just Noel as the host? Or what would it look like to have a bi–cultural family hosting the show: a native Mexican, his American wife, and precocious toddler—willing to try anything from mole to mezcal to ants? Would it be more cooking based, or more food and culture based? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

We want to know what you’d like to learn more about and what you’d like to see. Right now, this project is no more than the seed of an idea, but that is where everything starts. We also know that our blog subscribers come from all walks of life. If you have experience launching such a project, or have connections with any producers that might be interested, contact us!

Speaking of documentaries…we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting the screening of Agave: Spirit of a Nation at the 16th annual Festival de Cine Todos Santos! With its stunning cinematography, and a moving story that connects the people to the sacred agave, this film has been lauded in multiple international film festivals and reviews. Watch the trailer below.

 Your entry includes the film and a tasting of 4 artisanal mezcals with Noel & Raquel. 50% of your ticket price goes towards the fundraiser for the Escuela de Cine Leonardo Perel. Optional: purchase a ticket for the film, mezcal tasting, and a mole dinner! (Contact us for any dietary requests once you’ve purchased your ticket).

Contact Festival de Cine Todos Santos to purchase tickets.

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