For the Love of Mezcal...They Come to My Wedding

It's been a whirlwind month! (Or two, or three...). Posts have been long delayed (many apologies for that), due to the fact that we've been working harder than ever. In December we had a bar to build and operate in Baja California Sur's mountains - an hour from beer and ice shops, sans internet and phone. Samsara Bar was a smashing success! We sold 18 liters of mezcal as shots and cocktails in 6 days - and this at a spiritual retreat! More on that later. Noel and I have our wedding coming up, and have been busy planning that. Once we pass that milestone, I'll be back on to the blogging.

An interesting note:

I've been going through my crowdfunding data to see whom we owe collector's bottles of mezcal. (All other prizes will be sent out sometime in the spring). I wrote down the 7 names of those who are waiting to receive their bottles, and saw that 5 of those people were coming to my wedding. In fact, along with two others, they are the only friends of mine who are making it to the wedding. The other two names on that list of 7 are mezcal lovers I've never met.

The only friends of mine coming to my wedding, are those to whom I owe a bottle.

Which makes me wonder...are my friends only really coming to my wedding for the mezcal?

Wedding Day