Mezcal Does Todos Santos Film Festival

Saturday, March 14th was the official launch of the 12th annual Festival de Cine in Todos Santos, celebrating Latin film makers. It's one of the major festivals of the year in Todos, and while any event is a big deal in our tiny Pueblo Magico, this is one of the better ones. This year's festival "celebrates Women and Film in its many facets, from those who opened new paths to those who expanded and created new cinematic images." 120 films highlighting the role of women in society, their struggles and successes will be screened  in Todos Santos, La Paz, and Pescadero over a course of 10 days.  

El Amor del Diablo was invited to participate by selling mezcal cocktails and tastings in the main plaza outside of the historic Teatro Manuel Márquez de Leon in Todos Santos. What better way to celebrate women's role in society than by drinking the nectar of the loins of Mexico's beloved goddess, Mayahuel?

Mezcal painting

Of course our preference is to drink it neat, but it's hard to resist a Beso del Diablo, Noel's spin on a daiquiri: organic, local strawberries, ice, jarabe, and espadin mezcal. We're also trying out a new creation: a handmade chai tea concentrate with espadin and almond milk poured over ice. Noel has named it Kalimán after a popular Mexican comic book hero who swore an oath to the Indian goddess, Kali, to wander the world and use his yogic powers to conquer evil. 

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 11.02.30


For those purists out there, we're offering a taste of 4 organic, silvestre mezcals: Tepestate, Tobalá, Pechuga (all from Chichicapam, Oaxaca), and Papalote de Guerrero. 

If you're in the Todos-La Paz-Cabo triangle, come by and see us! We'll be slinging cocktails and tastes before every movie for the rest of the week!