The Most Important Event in the History of Mezcal

Something is happening right now that could ruin the future of mezcal: Tequila companies are buying up every piece of agave they can get their hands on, regardless of species or maturity.

We've just learned from Oaxaca mezcal authority and activist, Sosima Olivera, that these companies are ravaging agave-supported ecosystems and threatening the future of mezcal (not to mention mezcalero communities) to meet the demand of industrial tequila. Specifically, to meet the extra 100 million liters of tequila promised to China.

Activists are currently creating a legal framework to protect wild mezcal species from being cut without community permission. Stopping this action is VITAL to the future of the mezcal industry, communities, and agave ecosystems.
What you can do:
Drink only small-batch tequila, or even better, drink artisanal mezcal (that's not too much to ask, is it?)
- Write to tequila companies and protest their methods
- Spread the word: friends don't let friends drink industrial booze! ;)
With your support we will be able to give much more in depth coverage of what is happening on the ground in Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Michoacan. We will be meeting with different mezcaleros to hear what is going on and what can be done about it, raising awareness and helping to bring an end to this threat.

We will also begin building an association of mezcaleros under 1 label, El Amor del Diablo, to protect agaves species, and sustain these communities and their incredible craft.

El Amor del Diablo has been receiving a lot of attention lately, from a radio show on Cabo Mil 96.3, to articles on (and 1 due in the next few days on, to an interview with SF Bay Guardian's Ken Taylor. Despite all this media attention, we still need your support.
We are 1/2 way through our crowdfunding campaign, so there's not much time left to build a buzz (metaphorically speaking). Something you should know: our tickets to Oaxaca are booked and this project is happening regardless of how much we raise. The difference, however, will be between a very short trip by the skin of our teeth, and a long trip where we cover a lot of ground, including the most important event in the history of mezcal: the threat to its future.