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—  dinner—

 At El Refugio we believe in simple, fresh.
We offer a limited dinner menu of 3-5 plates per day (one of which is always vegetarian or vegan), with dishes that change daily. 

Because, really—don't you have enough choices to make in life?  Below are some of the many flavors we offer.

Dietary requests accommodated as possible. Kid's choices available—just ask.  

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—  Mancha Manteles  —
chicken in fruit-based mole

—  Barbacoa de Guajalote  —
turkey, chile pasilla, chile guajillo, chile del arbol, clove

—  Chiles en Nogadas  —
poblano chiles stuffed with chicken, pork, fruits, nuts, walnut cream sauce, pomegranates

—  Pozole Verde—
Guerrero's favorite soup with hominy, jalapeño, serrano, poblano chiles, chicken, pork, or vegetarian



—  Tlaltequeadas  —
prehispanic "veggie burger" 

—  Calabazas Rellenas—
butternut squash stuffed with peppers, Mexican cheese, garlic, and squash

—  Torre de Jamaica  —
hibiscus flowers stacked above sautéed cubes of fresh squash

                                                                                         —  Rollos de Acelga  —
Chard leaves stuffed with poached vegetables and Mexican cheese, topped with salsa chipotle


—  Pescado con Esquite—
day's catch, chile de arbol, corn

—  Camarones a la Diabla —
shrimp, chile del arbol, onion, tomato, garlic, butter, epazote

—  Jurel en Yerba Santa  —
yellowtail, yerba santa leaves, chile verde, butter, garlic, bay leaves

                                                                                            —  Pescado Maya—
Whitefish cooked in banana leaf, achiote, garlic, onion, chile del arbol

—  Postres  —

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Handmade daily, exclusively in-house

—  Chocolate-Mezcal Cake  —

—  Strawberry Pie with Yogurt  —

—  Vegan Brownie  —

—  Chocolate Mousse  —

—  Mezcal Truffles  —

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