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Cultura Mexicana


The soul of Mexican cuisine is in her culture. Whether through a bowl of pozole, a mezcal tasting, or an Aztec ceremony to give thanks to the richness of the land, at El Refugio our goal is to share with you one of the most diverse and fascinating cultures on the planet.


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Earth Day Altar 2016.jpg

earth day altar 

Altars are found throughout Mexico and are traditionally filled with offerings such as flowers, food, drink, and sacred objects. This is an altar we made to Tonanzintlali (Mother Earth to the Aztecs, the Virgin of Guadalupe to Catholics) as a thank you for all she has given us since we arrived in Baja on April 22nd (Earth Day), 2013.

Tepoz Semilla Wall 2016.jpg

arte de semilla 

One thing we love about Mexico is the abundance of public art! This photo shows a corner of a wall in Tepoztlán, Morelos, depicting various aspects of Mexican history and culture—entirely with native seeds! Every year they tear it down and create a new design, utilizing the hands of local volunteers to place the seeds.

Sanchez Tahona Color.jpg

Mezcal tahona 

The difference between so–so Mexican and outstanding Mexican food is all in how it's made. The same goes for mezcal (and really, you could say all things in life). The Tahona is a large stone used to crush the roasted agaves before fermenting them in water to make mezcal. Just one of many details that sets the quality of artisanal mezcal leagues apart from industrial version.

sombrero abuela.jpg

mexican slang

The Mexican vernacular may well be the richest (and most humorous) of any country on the planet. Diversify your street talk skills by reading up on our Slangy Sabados blog posts.