Slangy Sabados: Tell That Dude To Piss Off

This is my mother's favorite.

Let's say your spouse is getting irrationally wound up over something. His voice is rising and you can see he's approaching that state where reason won't function. What do you say?

"Bajale de huevos, cabron!"

Lower your eggs. "Huevos" is the Spanish equivalent of "nuts"—ie, testicles. So, lower your nuts.

It's basically telling someone to f--- off. According to Noel, if you want to actually start a fight, say this. If you want to mkae it more playful and less aggressive, you'd say: "Bajale de huevos a tu chocomil." Or, according to the internet: "Bajale de huevos a tu pastel."

Lower the eggs in your chocolate milk (or cake). No idea where that one comes from, but I sure love the imagery!