Slangy Sabados: Counting Piñas

Welcome to the first of our Slangy Sabados blog posts! Want to enliven your street talk? Confound your gringo neighbors and impress those Mexicans giving you the wary eyeball? Tune in to our blog series on Mexican slang! But choose carefully...some of these phrases needed to be wielded with extreme caution. Others are appropriate to use with your abuelita. 

Today's slang phrase is one of my favorites:

Tu no cuentas piñas

The literal translation is "You don't count pineapples," but it actually means something along the lines of "the pot calling the kettle black."

EXAMPLE: Your friend says: "You're puttin' on some pounds, my friend".  Your response is: "Tu no cuentas piñas, wey!" Or, "Yeah, ma - my brother doesn't have a job because he's a lazy ass." Mom says: "Tu no cuentas piñas, mijo." 

Enjoy your weekend, and don't forget to call out your bestie when she throws you an insult at the bar tonight!