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—  mezcal —

Mezcal is liquid passion; it’s a breath of fire in your face, followed by a tender caress, and a night of fervent dancing between the sheets. Like a headstrong and bewitching woman, treat her lightly and she’ll drag you naked through the field and leave you to rot. But handle her with respect, and you’ll find yourself being lead from steamy romance to lifelong love affair.



Our distillates

We source our mezcals directly from small, family producers, bringing you the terroir and traditions of Mexico.
Our distillates are 100% agave, produced by traditional or ancestral methods. That means no added sugars, 
chemicals, colorants, other alcohols, or worms. To learn more about mezcal, ask for a flight, or sign up for a tasting session.
We're constantly changing and adding new mezcals—visit us to discover our latest.

Oaxaca: espadin, cuixe, tepestate, tobalá, javalí, coyote, arroqueño, varios distilado en barro
Guerrero: papalote, berraco, papalote capón
Michoacan: cupreate Puebla: pechuga
Durango: cenizo Jalisco: raicilla, ensembles

Maestra Catalina Lopez Velasco in her palenque in Yutanduchi de Guerrero. Photo:

Maestra Catalina Lopez Velasco in her palenque in Yutanduchi de Guerrero. Photo:



Our cocktails are made by hand in the moment. 
Menu changes according to what's available and bartender's inspiration.


—  Mezcal Margarita  —
espadin, fresh lime, orange liquor
$120 pesos

—  La Gitana  —
espadin, jamaica, piloncillo, mineral water
$120 pesos

—  Watermelon Margarita—
espadin, lime, orange liquor, fresh watermelon juice
$120 pesos

—  Mezcal Negroni  —
espadin, campari, sweet vermouth
$150 pesos

—  Naked & Famous—
tepestate, aperol, yellow chartreuse, fresh lime juice
$150 pesos

—  El Guerro  —
espadin, kahlúa, cream
$120 pesos

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Other options



Negra Modelo


Agua Fresca del Dia
Topo Chico


cash only

corkage fee:   $150 pesos